Female Orgasm Enhancement Capsules

FSD and Female Enhancement Capsules

The female sexual enhancement industry knows how to make money. There are thousands of female orgasm enhancement capsules sold every day to women who are experiencing symptoms of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The medical profession prescribes millions of female orgasm enhancement capsules to women who are unable to reach an orgasm during sexual intercourse, because they are experiencing abnormal hormone levels. Finding the right female orgasm enhancement capsule can be challenging unless you know what is causing the problem; there are a variety of causes that lower the sexual appetite, create vaginal dryness and inhibit a woman’s ability to reach a climax during sex.

Relationship issues, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety, stress, and depression as well as pregnancy, breast feeding, past sexual traumas and low fat diets can limit your ability to experience an orgasm and the condition can continue until you find the cause. The fact that there are hundreds of supplements that claim to be the best female orgasm enhancement capsules on the market doesn’t make your task any easier. Most of these so called female orgasm enhancement capsules don’t have enough of the right ingredients in them to do anything but add more stress to your situation, so it’s important to do some research before you buy any product that claims to be effective female orgasm enhancement capsules.

There’s a Big Difference in Herbal Female Orgasm Enhancement Capsules

Indigenous women have been using herbs for decades to help them reach orgasms during sex. These ingenious women made their own form of female orgasm enhancement creams or capsules and used them whenever they experienced sexual inadequacies, especially after breast feeding or a pregnancy. The pharmaceutical industry has developed synthetic versions of these herbal ingredients and put them in female orgasm enhancement capsules and then makes them available by prescription; the female sexual enhancement industry markets these herbs in a variety of natural formulas that help women achieve an orgasm or multiple orgasms during sex.

One of the best female orgasm enhancement capsules in herbal supplement form is Lyriana. Lyriana relays messages to the brain, so the body can relax, as the clitoris and other areas of the body are stimulated. Lyriana not only helps women reach an orgasm, it will increase the sexual appetite, so the vagina lubricates itself naturally. When Lyriana is used as directed you start to see results in about ten days. For more information about Lyriana’s ingredients and effectiveness visit: www.lyriana.com.

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