Female Orgasm Enhancement Cream

A Prescription Female Orgasm Enhancement Cream Helps With Lubrication

The medical profession does a huge business prescribing female orgasm enhancement cream that will eliminate dryness in the vagina, but these creams may not relieve all the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Most doctors treat women after a pregnancy or after breast feeding with a female orgasm enhancement cream so they can return to healthy sexual activity. Breasting feeding produces an abnormal amount of prolactin in the bloodstream, which can lower a woman’s sexual desire. A female orgasm enhancement cream will balance the hormonal levels in the bloodstream.

Stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and a low fat diet can impact a woman’s sex life by reducing the levels of estrogen and testosterone in the bloodstream, so a prescription female orgasm enhancement cream will help brings those hormonal levels back to normal, but the cream may also cause nasty side effects due to the other ingredients in the cream that are not very system friendly. The best approach to relieving the symptoms of FSD is to do a little self-searching and identify the cause of FSD, so you can purchase the right female orgasm enhancement cream that will help you reach an orgasm during sexual intercourse. If you spend a little time and study the various ingredients used in these female orgasm enhancement cream formulas, you’ll be able to find a product that works for you.

Herbal Female Orgasm Enhancement Cream Will Help You Reach a Climax

Most of the prescription, as well as the non-prescription, female orgasm enhancement cream formulas on the market come from herbs. The prescription female orgasm enhancement pill or cream formulas use the same chemicals found in herbs. Most herbal supplements use the same herbs that indigenous women use to make a female orgasm enhancement cream. In order for a female orgasm enhancement cream to be effective, the formula must include enough of the right ingredients to promote an orgasm, but some creams are not formulated that way. They don’t do what they say they can do, because the formula is filled with filler ingredients that do nothing but make the company profit.

Lyriana is one herbal supplement that has a proprietary blend of the right herbs in the right amount to help you reach an orgasm during intercourse. Lyriana delivers messages to the brain using the bloodstream, so the body relaxes, as the clitoris is stimulated and the vagina is lubricated. Sexual desire increases, and the result is a frequent intense orgasm or multiple orgasms. For more information about Lyriana and its effectiveness visit: www.lyriana.com.

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