Female Orgasm Enhancement Treatment

Female Orgasm Enhancement Treatment Can Change Your Life

In a recent study, published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, thirty five to forty percent of the women said they suffered from some form of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Those symptoms range from pain during intercourse to the inability to reach an orgasm during sex. The symptoms are caused by a number of different psychological and physiological disorders that can be devastating to a relationship, as well as to individual who needs help to alleviate these self debilitating issues. An effective female orgasm enhancement treatment starts with identifying the cause, and then getting help in the form of professional advice, or help from someone you trust and respect.

There are a number of causes that can be identified quickly; a pregnancy, breasting feeding, a low fat diet, weight gain and relationship issues all contribute to female sexual dysfunction. Those issues can be addressed using prescription female orgasm enhancement treatment, or herbal female orgasm enhancement treatment. Stress, anger, fear, depression, a past sexual trauma and job concerns, can also have an impact on your sexual desire; these issues can cause your testosterone and estrogen levels to drop, so a female orgasm enhancement treatment that includes adding synthetic hormones to the bloodstream may be necessary. Doctors usually prescribe hormone therapy in certain situations, and these female orgasm enhancement treatment solutions can change the life of the women who respond to them. Not all women respond to prescription therapies, so some women depend on herbal female orgasm enhancement treatment for relief.

An Herbal Female Orgasm Enhancement Treatment is an Effective solution

Herbs have been used for centuries as a reliable female orgasm enhancement treatment. Most prescription female orgasm enhancement treatment ingredients contain the same chemicals that are found in the herbs that helped women reach an orgasm when there were no medical doctors around. Not all herbal supplements are the same even, though they may contain the same ingredients. Some products don’t put enough of the right ingredients in the formula, so the only result you experience is a deflated bank account. In order for herbal ingredients to be effective there must be enough ingredients in formula to lubricate the vagina and increase the sexual appetite, so an orgasm is reach during intercourse.

One female orgasm enhancement treatment that is formulated to give you the results you expect is Lyriana. Lyriana uses the bloodstream to deliver messages to the internal organs, so the body can respond sexually. Lyriana will begin to stimulate you sexually in seven to ten days. For more information about Lyriana’s ingredients visit: www.lyriana.com.

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