Female Orgasm Enhancement

Female Orgasm Enhancement Products are Readily Available

The American Medical Association claims that several million women in the US experience female sexual dysfunction (FSD) or female sexual arousal disorders (FSAD). Whatever name you want to use, there’s no doubt that more women have issues with sexual activity than men do, but there are fewer female orgasm enhancement products available to help them. Men experiencing erectile dysfunction have several prescription and non-prescription options, but a large percentage of women suffering with some form of female sexual dysfunction, quietly, but painfully, live with a low libido. The female orgasm enhancement business is a multi-million dollar industry, so there are female orgasm enhancements products readily available, but some women believe they won’t work on them for one reason or another.

The pharmaceutical industry has not developed a prescription version of Viagra for women that has the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so some women feel like there’s no cure for their female sexual dysfunction issues, but that’s not an accurate assessment of the total female orgasm enhancement industry. There are female orgasm enhancement products available that will increase the blood flow to the vagina, stimulate the clitoris, lubricate the vagina and help women reach an orgasm or multiple orgasms during sexual activity. One product that has made a difference in the female orgasm enhancement market is Lyriana. Lyriana has developed a product that increases a woman’s desire to have sex and helps women reach an orgasm during sexual activity.

Female Orgasm Enhancement Products Help Female Sexual Dysfunction

Medical research has proven that when blood flow is increased in the genital area, most women will feel a sexual urge and experience an increase in sexual desire. Increasing the blood flow to the vagina automatically lubricates the vagina and stimulates the clitoris and other sensitive areas. Women suffering from some form of female sexual dysfunction can improve their sex life by using Lyriana, the female orgasm enhancement capsules. The all natural ingredients in Lyriana send messages to the brain through the blood stream and the body responds naturally. There are several issues that cause FSD, and Lyriana is one product that helps women face those issues and overcome them. For more information about the ingredients in Lyriana, visit: www.lyriana.com.

When Lyriana is taken as directed most women experience an increase in sexual desire, which results in orgasm during sexual activity. Lyriana is a female orgasm enhancement product that is guaranteed to help women function normally during sex when Lyriana is used as directed. There are no side effects except the multiple orgasms that frequently occur.

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