Herbal Female Orgasm Enhancement

Herbal Female Orgasm Enhancement Helps Women Enjoy Sex Again

There are several factors that can cause female sexual dysfunction (FSD) issues. Pregnancy, breasting feeding menopause and other psychological and physiological issues can reduce your sex drive and change your attitude about having sex. Recent reports published by the Journal of the American Medical Association indicate that there are over forty million women suffering from painful intercourse, a low libido and the inability to reach an orgasm. Some women fear sex and will do everything possible to avoid any kind of sexual relations. The medical profession is treating some women with hormone therapy, in order to maintain a balance of estrogen and testosterone in the bloodstream and herbal female orgasm enhancement therapy is helping women with all the symptoms of FSD.

In order to alleviate the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction, you need to identify the cause. Asking yourself questions like when did the symptoms start and what was going on in my life at that time, will help you develop an effective herbal female orgasm enhancement plan that is suited for your lifestyle. Once you identify the cause, you can begin to research different herbal female orgasm enhancement products by ingredients. Herbal female orgasm enhancement is not new, indigenous women have been using herbs to increase their sexual appetite for centuries. It’s not just the ingredients that make an herbal female orgasm enhancement supplement effective; it’s the amount of those ingredients in the formulation. Some herbal female enhancement supplements use fillers that serve no purpose, so it’s important to recognize those ingredients.

All Herbal Female Orgasm Enhancement Supplements Work Differently

The female sexual enhancement business is a multi-million dollar industry, so there are hundreds of herbal supplements on the market that claim to alleviate symptoms like vaginal dryness, no sex drive and the inability to reach an orgasm, but if you study the ingredients in the different formulas, you’ll be able to find one that can help your sexual issues. One herbal and natural female orgasm enhancement supplement that can send messages through the bloodstream is Lyriana. Once those messages are received by the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and reproductive systems, the body will relax, as the sensitive clitoris is stimulated. Other sexual areas around the body also respond to Lyriana’s message, so an orgasm is reached during sex.

When Lyriana is used, you should see results in seven to ten days. Lyriana is safe and is guaranteed when it is used as directed. For more information about the ingredients in Lyriana visit: www.lyriana.com.

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